Stages Of Sleep Cycle

Scientists are still in the process to discover the myriad benefits we can withdraw from quality sleep. But it has been ascertained that a prolonged sleep cycle contributes to the excellent functioning of the brain, heart, and lungs. It can boost up your immune function and improve metabolism along with handling your random mood swings.

Your day starts with your regular diet, exercise, socializing with people, meeting deadlines in your profession while sleep comes in the end putting an end to the long-acquired fatigue and exhaustion. So never deprive your body of relaxation, as it can bring about some genuine trouble relating to your health and happiness. 


Types of the sleep cycle 

Sleep cycles are mysterious, isn’t it? I am sure you have witnessed some of the most astonishing dreams in your sleep. But why does that happen? It’s simple. There are phases of sleep that you go through. Let’s discuss what more sleep offers us and through how many stages.


Conventionally, our sleep cycle has 4 stages – Awake, Light sleep, Deep sleep, and REM sleep.


  • Awake – Stage 1 is the phase when you are responsive to minimal provocation. Even if you keep your eyes closed, you can be easily awakened. Awake is the stage that includes brief awakenings. This phase might continue for 5 to 10 minutes.


  • Light sleep – Stage 2 introduces us to the phase of light sleep when our heart rate lowers down, respiration slows, and body temperature declines. We start falling asleep but are prone to waking up without much effort. Light sleep prepares us for an intense, deep sleep and the cycle lasts up to 25 minutes.


  • Deep sleep – Deep sleep is the phase that promotes muscle repair and cell growth, infuses strength into your immune system, and builds bone and muscles. Blood pressure reduces during this time. Your brain flushes out waste and there is a constant flow of slow brain waves. Deep sleep is inversely related to your age. As you grow older, your intensity of sleep decreases. But if you are awakened from a deep sleep, you are bound to feel nonplussed.


  • REM sleep – REM stands for ‘rapid eye movement’. Usually, the REM phase starts 90 minutes after you fall asleep. During this time, your brain remains more active. Your respiration and heart rate increase. This is the phase when you witness engaging dreams, but your body does not permit you to act out what you see in fanciful reveries. 


REM is mostly beneficial for children. They organize their memory that helps in learning and recapitulation to a noteworthy extent. They also develop the ability to solve problems with subtle realizations.

        Good sleep ensures the growth of the mind and body simultaneously. Children are more inclined to deep sleep and REM sleep. With the advancement of biological age, it’s normal for an adult to indulge in a light sleep as they remain more immersed in their respective duties. 

Primarily, sleep transports calmness, composure, and respite to every cell of your body that keeps your system ongoing without flaws. Cease some more time from your schedule for an uninterrupted sleep cycle until you feel replenished and revitalized. 

Readers, please remember that your night’s sleep determines how refreshing your next day would go. So, do not take chances when it concerns your night-long sleep. With Neenee nightwear, make your journey to sleep peaceful and tranquil.


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