Sleeping postures for quality sleep

After the day’s tiring events, we all succumb to fatigue no matter what. Naturally, we do not put much significance into our sleeping postures. But the sleep researchers articulate that inappropriate sleeping postures can contribute to snoring, neck pain, back pain, and many other medical conditions. Then why not lend an ear to what the doctors suggest and derive health benefits even when you are asleep.


What’s the most common sleeping position?

Even though every human being tends to fit into their favorite and comfortable sleeping position, there are postures that everybody unknowingly peeps in during their prolonged night sleep. A predominant number of people lie on their side or back whereas a small ratio is found sleeping in their stomach position.


Let’s find out the different sleeping postures



 Sleeping on your stomach is pretty conventional. Research reveals almost 7% of people sleep on their stomachs. But before you do the same, make sure you are well aware of the medical conditions it might create and resolve.

This posture is popularly known as the prone position which reduces your chances of snoring by transporting the fleshy obstructions from the airway. But, this posture also increases back and neck pain due to your spine and neck not being in a neutral position. If you are habituated to sleeping on your stomach, better use a pillow to support your forehead. It might help you to breathe and relax simultaneously.



Sleeping on your back or in the supine position is considered a better posture by sleep experts. If you are familiar with this position, then you might be cured of your back, shoulder, or neck pain as this posture enables you to keep your neck and spine in a neutral position. 

But significant to mention, sleeping on your back can also aggravate obstructive sleep apnea. If you have experienced sleep disorders, better try modifying your position. A cushion below your neck and a cushion below your knees can minimize the strain in the lower back. Compared to sleeping on your stomach, this is certainly a better position to stick to while you’re asleep.



 Your side posture can always give you the pleasure of sleeping with benefits. In this lateral posture, the spine remains elongated as well as it lies in a neutral line with your neck. This ensures treatment of back, neck, and shoulder pain. Moreover, as you wake up, you can find yourself in a healthier mode.



The starfish position is sleeping on the back with the arms up over your head. This posture might compel you to encounter snoring and sleep problems.



 It’s a belief that women tend to sleep more using this fetal position. It usually refers to those who sleep sideways with their legs bent and curled up towards their torsos. This posture is beneficial for pregnant women as it improves circulation for the mother and her fetus. If you want to modify your posture, you can always use a pillow for relaxation of pressure.


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