Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Neenee special?

Our clothing is eco-friendly and people friendly. Every element has a purpose, and is rooted in our brand ethos. Our clothes are made from natural fibers and are made to last many wears and washes. All prints are specially designed for Neenee customers. We use AZO free dyes for all our fabrics. The trims on our clothes are nickel-free. We seek to source our materials from ethical & reputable facilities that practice business at the same ethical standards we do.

What type of fabrics do you use?

All our clothing is made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Natural fibers are good for you and the environment because not only are they comfortable to wear, they’re also completely biodegradable. All our fabric and garments is lab tested to ensure durability and quality.

How do I care for my Neenee garment?

Our clothes wash really well on a cold cycle – and it’s better for the environment too. But don’t forget to check the care label on your garments to be sure of any particular instructions! All our fabric and garments is lab tested to ensure durability and quality and our fabrics are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.

Where is Neenee clothing made?

We’re proud to be Indian! We have our own factory which is compliant of government regulations and follow fair trade standards. That means the factory has a low environmental impact, do not employ child labour, and ensure that their workers are provided with a clean and safe environment and that they’re paid fairly.

I have received a wrong/defective item. Whom can I contact?

Please refer to our returns and exchange policy. Alternatively, you can email us at

I would like to share a feedback

Your feedback is important for us to learn and improve. You can write to us at . All suggestions and recommendations are welcome!