Herbs for bedtime tea to ensure a night-long, relaxing sleep

No matter what, good sleep is the secret to your exuberant fitness goals. If you peep into the lives of celebs or fitness enthusiasts, you might find how uncompromising they are when it comes to their night-long sleep.

Do you know? Many people enjoy taking short power naps throughout the day. But doctors recommend that a night’s prolonged sleep is essential to ensure sound physical and mental health. If you encounter symptoms of Insomnia, then before seeking medical advice, choose some magical home remedies. Look out for these herbs, either in your kitchen or home garden, and sprinkle them in your bedtime tea to obtain an uninterrupted, tranquil sleep.


# Tea Recipe 1

Considering the other beverages we consume every day, tea is indeed the most favorite. But how would it be if you could add a little Chamomile extracts to your bedtime tea? Chamomile helps in relieving stress and regularizes your sleep cycle. It also shields you from stomach aches and inflammation.

Chamomile flowers are equally gorgeous. They can make your garden look more adorable. For your bedtime tea recipe, you can add dried chamomile flowers to the boiling water along with the tea leaves and engulf them in their aroma. Chamomile can be your best friend if sleep does not befriend you.


# Tea Recipe 2

Valerian Tea is another form of soul-soothing beverage that treats insomnia, helps in reducing depression and anxiety, and great medicine for migraines and headaches.

 The recipe for Valerian tea is easy and quick. You can use a valerian teabag containing loose valerian leaves and infuse it in your teacup. You are sure to enjoy the essence of the tea. Moreover, the valerian leaves help restore the brain cells that produce GABA, gamma-aminobutyric acid, a chemical that contributes to soothing nerves and diminishing anxiety levels.


# Tea Recipe 3

Have you ever consumed lavender tea? Lavender has a beautiful aroma that draws its origin to the Mediterranean region. Lavender tea is usually made by consuming the small, purple buds of the plant. Drinking lavender tea can soothe your nerves and induce sleep. Most Greeks and Romans have always preferred lavender since ancient times. So, while you get ready for a good sleep, never miss lavender as it can pacify your soul and uplift your health quotient with deep, sound sleep.


# Tea Recipe 4

Magnolia is a beautiful flowering plant that traces its origin some 100 million years ago. It was used as Chinese medicine to cure stomach problems, stress-related issues, and nasal congestion.  Later explorations reveal that Magnolia is blessed with sedative qualities that ensure prolonged sleep. Magnolia tea is prepared from the barks of the plant. If you suffer from similar sleeplessness problems, do not hesitate to add magnolia extracts to your bedtime tea.


# Tea Recipe 5

Passionflower is another on this list that can help you sleep calmly. The leaves of this plant are utilized for making tea. You can consume this herb with lemon balm or chamomile. To bring a variation to your regular tea habits, you can also buy dried passionflower herbs and sprinkle them a little into your tea.

Sleep is also a type of habit that you nurture every day. Sound sleep not only ensures the improvement of physical health but plays an essential role in contributing to your spiritual health as well. Research reveals that these herb extracts can bring a substantial difference to your sleeping habits. Thus, we suggest you enjoy a warm cup of herbal bedtime tea, clad in the ultimate comfort – Neenee nightwear, and embrace the sleep you’ve longed for!!

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