Bedroom plants ensuring tranquil sleep

Did you ever know that even plants have a tranquilizing effect? If you encounter insomnia or lack of sleep and perhaps have tried almost every possible remedy, then take the last attempt. Decorate your bedroom with some amazing plants and witness how their herbal properties can add a positive aura to your well-being.


After a day’s tireless toil, we long for a deep, peaceful slumber. Figure out some of these beautiful, soul-soothing plants that can not only complement your interior but boost your health benefits too!


SNAKE PLANTS – Snake plants are well known for purifying the air around you. It filters benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene. Unlike other house plants, it transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen even at night. This helps in reducing the temperature and ensures sound sleep. Snake plants can be a great cure if you are prone to allergies.


JASMINE – The fragrance of Jasmine is reinvigorating. The beautiful white flowers at the corner of your room make your choice more sober and elegant. It helps in reducing anxiety levels and can be used as an essential oil for optimum relaxation. Jasmine is known to have a tranquilizing effect and is a perfect pick for improving your sleep cycle.


VALERIAN – Valerian will always beguile you with its eye-soothing pink and white flowers. Before you go to bed at night, inhale the scent of Valerian which might help you indulge in quality sleep. You can also scatter a few petals of it on your bathwater to obtain composure. You can keep this plant in your window sill so that it receives direct sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours a day. If you experience sleep deprivation, try keeping Valerian in your bedroom.


LAVENDER – Lavender contains an alluring scent that helps to reduce blood pressure and stress levels. Many prefer to sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil to induce sleep. Lavender can be a great choice for babies to bathe with. Lavenders are fond of sunlight and water. Place near sunny window sills.


PEACE LILY – Peace lily is special for its beautiful white flowers. Just like Snake plants, it helps in purifying the air and also increases the humidity of the room. Low humidity allows germs and viruses to reside easily pampering respiratory infections and illnesses. Peace lily contributes to a healthier living for you.


ALOE VERA – There are innumerable benefits of aloe vera. Apart from a skincare regimen, you can also opt for keeping an aloe vera plant in your bedroom. Aloe vera is a succulent plant that improves the quality of air. Just like other bedroom plants, it is capable of producing oxygen at night and therefore is an outstanding choice for your bedroom collection.


SPIDER PLANT – Spider plants are the givers. They filter the surrounding air and ensures good quality sleep. It is distinguished for its unique look. The ‘pups’ it produces can be gifted to friends. If you choose a spider plant, you earn real health benefits.


Keeping plants in your bedroom gives a feeling of calmness and comfort. Try out this magical way of pampering your health with quality sleep.


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