A healthy sleep cycle for kids

Discipline is the foundation of a child. While every parent desires to inculcate ethics, moralities as well as ambition in their children, they often overlook the basic streamline needed to ensure a child’s quality upbringing. But you must be wondering how is all that associated with the sleep cycle? Well, needless to mention, it is.

A healthy sleep cycle is a key to success. A child who gets sufficient sleep develops sound physical and mental health. You can even notice their intense attention towards learning, sharp memory, and polite behavior. Added to it, extended sleep can bestow the advantages of energy restoration, cell regeneration, and a strong immunity system.

 Thus, while you chalk out your child’s daily routine, highlight the hours devoted to his sleep. Try to help him understand the significance of good sleep for a well-synced body and mind functioning.


Does the sleep cycle vary with age?

If you’ve had a child recently, then you are too in the queue to gain knowledge on what’s beneficial for your child. If the above question lurks in your mind, do not hesitate to bring it on. Yes, the sleep cycle indeed varies with age.



An infant is supposed to sleep for about 12-16 hours a day. Although their sleep duration is restricted to 50-60 minutes where they either indulge in light sleep, prone to waking up easily; deep sleep with no movements, and dream sleep ensuring their journey to dreamland.



Toddlers have a sleep cycle ranging from 11 to 14 hours. As they learn to walk, they tend to discover the whole world with their toddling steps here and there. Hyperactive children often lay awake till late at night. You should consult a doctor if your child is reluctant to go to bed. A peaceful sleep heals your child from inside.



Pre-schoolers might find it difficult to wind up their thoughts and imagination. Their constant participation in excavating elements of minor existence can steal away the most awaited night-long sleep. But in this case, the parents should be careful enough to look after their children and observe if their sleep cycle spans around 10-13 hours per 24 hours.



There comes an enormous wave of change in the routine when a child starts attending his educational institution. Studies, extra-curricular activities, sports — all piled up together can exhaust them until they develop a body clock for themselves. If your child is aging between 6 to 12 years, make sure he has a prolonged sleep of about 9 to 12 hours. Chaperon your kids as much as possible during this age as it nurtures a child’s convictions of life.



No rule book can work for a teenager who has just stepped into the perimeter of 13-18 years. Their life is always festooned with colors. They are cheerful and careless. Notwithstanding the fact they require a concentrated sleep of about 8-10 hours, the teenagers tend to sneak peek at the social networking sites until late. Even if your child is willing to carry out his adventures at this age, explain how good sleep can help him survive through his adventures for long.

As we have discussed earlier, a healthy sleep cycle can nourish you physically and mentally. But it is unfortunate to state that due to our negligence, most adolescents suffer from anxiety, depression, rapid eye movement, and several other health issues due to insomnia, lack of sleep. To draw a line to these, let us maintain a chart on the wall of your child’s room enunciating the mandatory sleep hours and marking the hours he has slept. This certainly will construct the idea of a sleep cycle and its implementation.

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