5 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Sleep

Have you ever counted how much of your life is gone sleeping? Well, we count on sleeping for a prolonged survival but the mystery behind it remains undiscovered yet. Scientists are still in research to rise and shine some of the interesting, fun facts about sleep. I am sure you all will be enthralled to explore what has been lying hidden for millions of years. Let’s take a read together.


  1. How long can you survive without sleep?

This seems to be an intriguing question especially for the hypersomniac or sleep lovers. An adult human body is supposed to sleep 7-8 hours a day. But when it comes to surviving without sleep, a human body can run for 11days without sleep. But remember, sleep deprivation can only bring a negative essence to your body.


  1. Do you dream every night?

Dreaming is an integral part of sleeping. Many sleep scientists suggest that dreaming is just the process of rewinding the occurred incidents of the day. Dreaming actually helps in the sharpening of your memory and recapitulation. Even if you feel that you don’t dream, you should realize that your dream has silently swept away from your memory. All the individuals dream at least 6-7 dreams every night. We can assure you that you are also not an exception to this.


  1. Do you know what is parasomnia?

Parasomnia is a sleep disorder that includes abnormal movements, talk, emotions, actions while you are sleeping. Those with parasomnia experience sleep terrors, somnambulism, nightmares as well as sleep paralysis. Even if their partners assume they are awake, the parasomniacs execute actions while they are immersed in deep sleep. If you encounter symptoms of parasomnia, do not hesitate to seek advice from your consultant doctor.


  1. Do you feel like taking a nap post-lunch?

The last bite of lunch might ask you for a short nap. That’s pretty natural. Your body tends to give a fatigue alarm at  2 a.m and 2 p.m. if you have not slept well, it’s obvious that your body will succumb to tiredness the moment you are filled with lunch. Trust me, there’s nothing wrong if you close your eyes and opt for a little rest. Short daytime naps are sure to amp up your work tenacity for the rest of the day.


  1. How do blind people dream?

Blind people are blessed with super active smell, touch, and hearing sensations. In their dream, visualization occurs depending on when they have lost their eyesight. Those who have been born blind develop intense emotional instinct and that hardly differs from a man with sight. Picturing landscapes is common in dreaming among blind people.

Sleep cycle and dreaming are inseparable. To discover innumerable sleeping secrets, never forget to sleep in the first place. Your body, mind, and soul demand tranquility and peacefulness and they can be easily derived from a night-long relaxing sleep. Nurture your sleep with Neenee’s premium luxury nightwear and explore the depths of mystery your sleep has to offer.



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